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Customized training to meet the unique needs of today's schools


Why Choose On-Site Professional Development?

Every child deserves a good education, and no two students are the same. At 3R we know that just like the students we teach, no two schools are the same. Every school faces unique challenges and has specific needs. Our team of expert instructors have the experience and knowledge to help you overcome your challenges and meet your needs.

Step Toward Transforming Instruction in Your School...


Call or write us to discuss your goals and challenges. Meaningful conversations with fellow educators are among the many things we do that we love the most. Once we’ve discussed your challenges and goals, we’ll help you distill them.


Based on our discussions, we’ll help you distill and prioritize your needs into measurable, high-impact and attainable goals. In the world of education where to start and where to go can be very confusing - we’ll help you find your way


With your customized plan in place, we’ll match you with the trainer that can best meet your needs. You’ll watch your staff gain the tools, strategies, and inspiration they need to blaze new trails to higher achievement and performance for their students.


Training and successful implementation should not be the end of your journey. There is no “finish line” when training professionals. Continuous support and supervision to ensure that fidelity and focus are not lost is the key to sustainability. We’ll prepare your administrators and specialists to provide the continuous support and training that is vital to continued growth.


Why Learn with us?


Owners are authors and and have 30 years of classroom teaching experience and 10 years of supervisory experience.


Trainers are master teachers and authors with at least 10 years of full-time public school classroom experience.


3R has been in business and training teachers since 2009!

PD Delivered toYour Inbox Every Week!

Do you wish you had the time to search through hundreds of articles and blog posts every week, so you could choose the best and share them with your teachers? Let us do it for you - at NO COST!

We comb the internet and curate the best content for teachers. We assemble it into a weekly digest and deliver it to your inbox at the start of every week. You can subscribe below and forward the digest to your staff, or if you like, contact us and we’ll arrange to send one to all of your teachers.


What Our School Districts Have Said....

Jennifer R

Math Head Teacher

Amazing! Ban Har provided realistic examples of strategies I can implement as soon as I get back to my classroom. He also deepened my understanding of Anchor Tasks.

- Patricia R

CEO at Arcade System

Outstanding! I've been a math teacher for 15 years and I tell my colleagues that Ban Har is the best presenter I've ever seen

Jean B

Math Head Teacher

I was truly inspired. I learned so much about the math that I teach, and I left with strategies that I can use immediately with my students.