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K5 Mathematics Intervention- Best Practices for Better Understanding with Dr. Bill Tozzo

New Rochelle, New york


November 6th, 2019


150 available
K5 Mathematics Intervention- Best Practices for Better Understanding with Dr. Bill Tozzo$315.00


Do your students struggle with mathematical concepts, applications, and problems that require a deeper understanding? Would you like to be able to teach them the visualization skills they need to boost their achievement (and their test scores)? Join Dr. Bill Tozzo for a day of incredible professional development and learn how to teach your students to solve problems using the bar model method and other powerful visualization strategies.

Bill has 20 years of full-time K-12 classroom teaching experience. His students have been among the most challenged and diverse to be found in any classroom. You’ll learn how to transform your students’ level of understanding from concrete, to the deeper and more abstract levels they need for higher levels of achievement. Your day will be full of hands-on problem-solving, powerful instructional strategies, and collaboration with your colleagues.

Everything you’ll learn from Bill can be put into practice the very next time you step into a classroom. A few popular highlights from this workshop’s curriculum include:

  • How to solve challenging problems with bar models and teach your students how to as well
  • How to teach your students to visualize essential mathematical concepts and identify relationships
  • How to use the most effective manipulatives that transition seamlessly into bar modeling and other visualization strategies
  • How and when to move from manipulatives, to bar models, and finally to abstract representations seamlessly
  • How to help your students gain confidence and start to enjoy the mathematics they learn

If you would like to start using bar models and visual instruction in your classroom, or if you have started using bar models and would like to learn more, this is the workshop for you. Bill will use basic to intermediate level problems curated from widely used math programs and state exams throughout the workshop.

When your workshop is over, you’ll wonder where the time went and you’ll leave empowered and excited about the strategies and resources you’ve acquired. So join us for an informative and entertaining day of professional development that will help you meet the needs of the students you work with.


3R Teacher Training


November 6
8:00 am - 3:00 pm


Davenport Mansion
Davenport Mansion 400 Davenport Ave New Rochelle, NY 10805 USA
New Rochelle, New york 10805

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914 632 7800