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K5 Lesson Design & Delivery #2 – Teaching Anchor Tasks with Drs. Bill & Amy Tozzo

April 2, 2020,7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

Lesson Design 2 - FT

Since 2014, 3R Teacher Training has been offering Lesson Design & Delivery, a 1-day workshop originally created and taught by Dr. Yeap Ban Har. The essential components of this workshop are now available online in our interactive webinar format!

“Teach less, learn more” has long been a mantra of the Singapore Ministry of Education, and for a good reason. Lessons that are based on the best research, that are simple in design and are carefully executed, are the most effective. This philosophy is the foundation of Singapore’s approach to teaching mathematics and drives the 3-Part Lesson Structure.

This focus of this webinar series is designing, differentiating and delivering highly effective mathematics lessons using the 3-Part Lesson Structure – lessons that meet the needs of the diverse populations in today’s classrooms while creating an environment of extraordinary engagement and deeper, more meaningful learning. Although what we teach is Singaporean in origin, it can, and should, be applied to any mathematics lesson. 

Once mastered, creating your mathematics lessons will be efficient, effective and rewarding. Your classroom will become more meaningful and engaging for students. Their frustration and anxiety will drop while learning and test scores climb. 

This webinar is the second in the series. Amy and Bill will develop the first part of the 3-Part Less – the Anchor Task.  Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Planning – anticipating challenges
  • Essential routines – supporting independence
  • Lesson consolidation – framing student learning

Dr. Bill Tozzo and Dr. Amy Butterfield-Tozzo are co-authors of the Singapore Mathematics program think! Mathematics published by Shing Lee – one of Singapore’s leading educational publishers. Amy and Bill share over 35 years of full-time classroom teaching experience, and 10 years of teacher education and leadership. Unlike many of even the most popular trainers, Bill and Amy practice what they preach and love what they teach. 

When you finish the webinar, you’ll feel inspired, confident and ready for class! You’ll be provided with a course booklet, and all the resources you need to start teaching with Anchor Tasks and delivering more effective lessons.

You’ll also be sent a COMPLETE RECORDING WITHIN 48 HOURS of the webinar for you to watch again and refresh if you need to.


April 2, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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