Online Course - Teaching Math Remotely
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Teaching math remotely is one of the greatest challenges in online and remote learning. Good math classes are rich with student activities that are collaborative. They are facilitated and supported throughout by talented educators like yourself. Creating similarly meaningful and effective experiences for students in a distance learning environment is arguably one of the greatest challenges to be overcome by anyone who teaches mathematics.

In this course, you'll learn how to design remote lessons for your students, and the strategies you'll need to deliver them. You'll also learn how to use the tools you'll need for various instructional models. Technology is everywhere, but in this course, it exists in the background, as it should.




  • Using effective lesson models for remote instruction
  • Analyzing topics to be able to choose an appropriate model
  • Choosing a model that works best for you and your students
  • Humanizing remote instruction to better connect with your students
  • Supporting struggling mathematics learners in a remote environment
  • Assessing students remotely to inform your planning and instruction
  • Remote classroom management best practices and protocols
  • Much much more!

Most importantly, what once seemed overwhelming will now be a fun and exciting journey. We’ll be with you the entire way to support you and answer your questions.

The best part of this course is that it grows and changes with technology. Based on our students' requests, instructor insight, and trends in EdTech we will add lessons and modules as needed to consistently meet the needs of our teachers.

This course will be available to students for six months from the date of enrollment, so you'll have plenty of time to progress through the modules.