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How Much Homework

How Much Homework? Using “Take & Play” to Connect Literature and Math in the Early Grades

What’s the most recent and common question from parents & teachers of K-2 age students that I get when giving my Teaching Math using Children’s…

Student Journal Examples

Hello Teachers! We often get requests from teachers during our workshops to see examples of student journal entries at the various grade levels. We put…

Number Bonds – Critical Connections and a Student Introduction

I was asked to teach a demonstration lesson for a handful of teachers last November. It was a class of first-graders, and they had already…
Brief History DSingapore Mathematics

A Brief History of Singapore Mathematics

A Significant Start The relevant history to Singapore Mathematics begins in 1965. Prior to 1965 Singapore was a part of Malaysia and was a country…
iPad App Ban Har Uses Image

iPad Apps Dr. Yeap Ban Har Uses

  At every one of our conferences, without fail, we’re asked to share the apps we use during our workshops and in our classrooms. Below…